Miscellaneous Stuff!

Sorry for the lack of posting here. I’ll try to improve on that in the near future.

It’s been kind of busy, what with one thing and another, mentally. On the good side of things, I’ve lost 20 pounds since June 7. This is a good thing. Just another 80 or so pounds to go.

I am in the process of renewing my CHL (Concealed Handgun License). Texas has really improved on this process a lot; you used to have to reiterate the process for getting your CHL in the first place, pretty much, complete with pictures and fingerprints, except the class for renewal is half a day instead of a whole day. Now, you get online, pay your money, print out a form; and take the four hour class. It’s not necessary to fiddle with the photos and fingerprints. The class refreshes you on changes in the law, and you demonstrate the ability to hit the target most of the time. I’ll tell you more about that, when I take it.

Also in terms of concealed carry, for the last three years, give or take, I’ve been using Jackie Collin’s Toters jeans to great effect. Pretty comfortable, effective concealment, and they last well. But they are pricey at around $70 a pair. When my current set began to show wear and I went to see about buying some more, I found that the price on these has jumped to around $93 a pair. (Their website is currently down, so that’s not exact.) Now, I’m not paying $90+ dollars a pair for blue jeans, period – they’re great jeans, and all, but at the end of the day, you’re buying a pair of jeans. No way.

So I went looking for alternatives. Today I am trying out a pair of 5.11 Tactical’s Covert Cargo Pants. I haven’t made a determination as to whether to buy more, but these look promising. They have some extra zippered pockets behind the front pockets that are working well from a concealment standpoint; I’ll need to get a pocket holster. The pants are very comfortable, and carry the weight well – with spare magazines on one side, gun in the other, they feel balanced, and the weight is carried by your belt on your hips. Carrying this way also does not seem to interfere with furniture much.

The down side is speed of access. With the toters, the gun butt is accessible simply by reaching under the edge of my polo shirt. With these, you have to unzip a pocket, reach in, and draw the gun. So, the jury is still out while I ponder this. If it takes 2 – 3 seconds to draw your weapon, well, you might as well not have it on.

On the other other hand, you don’t have to worry about somebody spotting it. The gun is invisible, being inside a zipper pocket. With the Toters, you have to be aware that reaching with your strong hand for something on the top shelf at Walmart will expose your weapon for the world to see.

This actually illustrates a point about concealed carry: effective concealed carry is a balancing of two conflicting goals – complete concealment versus speed of access.

More later. Have a nice day!


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