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The Satori

According to my Mac’s dictionary, “satori” means, in one definition, “a flash of sudden awareness, or individual enlightenment”. I was reading an anti-gun blog a few minutes ago, and it is abundantly clear that this person, one Joan Petersen of … Continue reading

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Kindle vs iPad

Disclaimer – I already own an iPad, the 64 GB Wi-Fi version. Kindle has a new ad out, which highlights the fact that in bright sunlight, the Kindle is easier to read than an iPad. This is undoubtedly true. I … Continue reading

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Texas Concealed Handgun Law

I recently renewed my CHL, and in reviewing changes in the law related to this, I discovered the following gem: PC §9.34. PROTECTION OF LIFE OR HEALTH. (a) A person is justified in using force, but not deadly force, against … Continue reading

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For My Lady Cousins

For my lady cousins – you know who you are: Ha! -Popgun

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Patience is a trait that is clearly evolutionary in origin. Kids whose parents have patience get to live to adulthood. Patience also lends itself to hunting for food. People with patience are more likely to bring home the bacon. Patience … Continue reading

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A Pleasant Morning

It is really, really nice out there this morning; about 61 degrees when I went outside. After two cups of coffee and my normal reading of the news and my favorite blogs inside, I grabbed that third cup of coffee … Continue reading

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Risk Analysis

Of no particular significance – an excerpt from advice I sent to a friend: “Life is full of risk versus benefit analysis. As always, you should make your own assessment. Above all, don’t rely on the “general consensus”. Those generals … Continue reading

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