A Pleasant Morning

It is really, really nice out there this morning; about 61 degrees when I went outside. After two cups of coffee and my normal reading of the news and my favorite blogs inside, I grabbed that third cup of coffee and my iPad, and went out on the front deck to sit a spell.


Sitting in a comfortable deck chair with my feet propped up, I’ve got my iPad on my knee and my reading glasses on, but looking around over the glasses at the beautiful morning. A couple of hummingbirds are arguing about who gets to use the feeder. Traffic is light, not too noisy, and the store across the road is not all that busy. The temperature is perfect, and the coffee is the perfect counterpoint to the coolness.


Rascal the maniacal dog is out doing his normal thing, and he comes and sits on the deck with me when he’s finished entertaining squirrels and moles.

I wish Texas Grandma was here to share it with me; she’s visiting relatives at the moment. Although the day is sweet, I’m not 100% unless she’s with me. She’ll be back, later today, and the world will be even better.

In the meanwhile, I’m going back out there to sit some more…


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1 Response to A Pleasant Morning

  1. Texas Grandma says:

    I missed you also this morning while I was sitting on the end of a pier at Lake Claiborn in Lousisiana. The weather was so nice. I even got a vist from some ducks passing by. How about I meet you on our deck in the morning? ~~Bring an extra cup of coffee~~

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