Weird Stuff

On TV, you’ve seen things like Northern Exposure, or maybe Haven – places where strange things just seem to happen.

Sometimes weird stuff happens in real life, if you happen to notice it.

Back in my pulp-wood cutting days, for instance:

My friend Rick’s beagle, Bandit, twelve feet up a tree. (The trunk had broken in a storm, laying the top of the tree over to the ground, but still attached at the trunk. Bandit had walked up the trunk and stood up there looking around, just like he owned the place. From our angle we could not see the fallen trunk, so it was pretty weird.)

Once, Bandit brought my Dad a lariat rope – that he had lost months before when a bull dragged it into the woods. Smart dog.

Rick and I got to talking recently, and we concluded that we had both seen the same UFO one night before we met; I was looking north, and he was looking south, from points separated by about 3 or 4 miles. The UFO passed between us. Our descriptions of what we saw matched exactly. It was several years later that we met.

Rick and I were riding home from work years later, and saw lightning hit a dead tree. It produced ball lightning, which slowly ran down the trunk to the ground. I’ve never seen ball lightning before or since. The glowing ball of plasma we saw that day was probably 4 to 6 feet across, and it lasted for perhaps 20 or 30 seconds, disappearing when it got to the bottom of the tree.

When I was very young – before the days of seat belts and car seats for kids; it was common practice for children to ride standing up in the seat beside the driver. The theory was that the driver could fling an arm in front of the child to protect them. Anyhow, I was young enough to be doing this one day, riding home with the neighbor lady, Doris, whose daughter, Marty, was on the passenger side. Marty threw a paper airplane out the passenger window of the truck. It flew amazingly fast around the front of the windshield just an inch or two off the glass, in a horizontal path around to the driver’s side, where Doris caught it and calmly handed it back to Marty.

I once told my Dad I was going to shoot a sparrow out of a tree, then did so, with one shot from my .22, from inside the bed of his moving pickup truck. The sparrow was not much bigger than a quarter. Pure luck, of course, but Dad quit taking bets on that kind of stuff.

Just some random weirdness that I have experienced in my life. What weird stories can you tell?


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  1. Brigid says:

    I drew a picture of a view off of a castle wall when I was a teen. Later, I was in Ireland, and was at a Castle and it was deja vu’. I stood there, unable to move thinking. “I’ve been here”. But it was my first trip to that part of Ireland.

    The spot in which I stood had been the back end of a huge kitchen for the keep. One night, hundreds of years ago, the cliff gave way and several kitchen workers, bakers, etc, plunged to their death in the sea as part of the kitchen came down.

    I took pictures of the place.

    When I got home I compared my picture to the drawing. It was the same view. I likely just saw it in a book of castles. . but. .

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