I Want Your Money!

I went to see the movie “I Want Your Money” last night, and it was really interesting. This is not a blockbuster, it is not a “great “ movie in the sense that Star Wars was. However, it has a couple of incredibly important messages:

History has proven that socialism and wealth redistribution lead to failure of the economic system and mass poverty.

History has proven that pure capitalism, small government, and lower taxes lead to a booming economy and increased income and security of anyone who is willing to apply themselves.

The film makes these points in an engaging way, using animation, historical news clips, and narration. It is an enjoyable film to watch, and you come away perhaps learning a few things that you may not have known. If you haven’t already been studying economics and history, this film might teach you a lot that you never learned in our liberal-slanted public schools.

The only downside to this approach to getting the message across is that, probably, mostly conservatives will go see the film; and liberals are the ones who really need to see it. If individual liberals have intellectual honesty (1), they will get much food for thought from this film.


(1) Unfortunately, many people don’t seem to have the ability to change their viewpoints based on available facts; most of us will continue to believe what we already believe in the face of contradictory facts and evidence. People with intellectual honesty, on the other hand, will adopt viewpoints on any subject that are consistent with all known facts, just as any pure scientist will.

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