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Weird Stuff

On TV, you’ve seen things like Northern Exposure, or maybe Haven – places where strange things just seem to happen. Sometimes weird stuff happens in real life, if you happen to notice it. Back in my pulp-wood cutting days, for … Continue reading

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I have an idea, that I feel sure somebody in our military is already working on, so I’m probably not original. It costs a lot to train a sniper, and it takes a high skill level to do the job. … Continue reading

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Young Readers

I was in Walmart earlier today, and checked out the magazine rack, as is my habit. On a whim, I walked around the corner and looked at the “Young Readers” section, four racks wide, just to see what they have … Continue reading

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My Go-Cart

When I was 8 or 9 years old, my Dad decided to make a go-cart for me. My Dad made a lot of stuff for me, rather than buying stuff. There was the solid steel skateboard, and the steel ring … Continue reading

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