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Random Thoughts About Guns for Self Defense

Evil people have guns. Good people have guns. Laws restricting guns only affect good people. The outcome is predictable. Gun free zones are kill zones. A gun free zone, declared by signs but otherwise unenforced, is an attractive place for … Continue reading

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My birthday is in the next few days, and my family gave me a semi-surprise party last night. Although no such thing is necessary, this was a very nice thing to do, and I appreciate the well wishes and the … Continue reading

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Hollow Point Bullets

Hollywood publicist Ronni Chasen was murdered in her car by someone using hollow-point bullets, probably 9mm. Understand, my comments here do not in any way condone this murder or any other. What I am picking on is the overblown horror … Continue reading

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A Blustery Day

Black Thursday, 2010. We don’t go to town on Black Thursday. The leaves have mostly fallen, although every once in a while another makes its way to the ground. It’s cold and damp, though not near freezing. Looking out the … Continue reading

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Thanksgiving, 2010

Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Even though there is great strife in the world; war in diverse places; earthquake and famine; even a struggle between opposing views of the future of the very character of this nation; there are … Continue reading

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Hot in Texas!

Current email from local weather channel: As of 2PM, Longview has broken it’s record high for the day which was 82/1955 and at 2PM the temp was 83 degrees. The air conditioner is on at my house. I was not … Continue reading

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Thought for the Day

Regarding the difference between knowledge and wisdom: Knowledge is knowing how to build a gun. Wisdom is knowing when to pull the trigger. You can have knowledge, without wisdom, but the converse is not true. Wisdom requires knowledge in order … Continue reading

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