Abandoned Pets

Maybe it’s a pet peeve of mine (no pun intended), but I passed a small black dog sitting alone, without food or water, beside the farm-to-market road on my way home a couple of days ago.

The poor dog was still there the next day.

When you abandon a dog like that, they will sit there and wait for you to come back, often until they starve or, out of desperation, get into traffic and get hit.

You see, the poor dumb animals don’t understand that you are such a execrable, contemptible subhuman that you are not going to come back. The dogs exhibit loyalty; you exhibit treachery. You don’t have the morality of a dog! Literally!

Don’t expect them to be picked up by people who want to adopt them. Although it does (rarely) happen, most people already have their own pets and don’t need another. Nobody wants to pick up your mess for you.

Almost all abandoned pets are dropped in the country by city folks. I know this because country folks see these abandoned pets all the time, and know how cruel it is. My Dad used to pick them up, drive back into town, and let them out in front of the courthouse, a location with plenty of squirrels and water fountains.

Real, actual humans behave humanely; they understand that when they take on a pet, they have a lifelong obligation to care for that pet, one way or the other. If you can’t care for it, you need to make some other humane arrangements.

Obviously, it is not up to me; but I do strongly suspect that Satan has a special place in Hell reserved for people who abandon their pets.


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