Puzzling and Very Interesting

A missile was apparently launched from the sea, just a few miles off the coast of Los Angeles. Video of the event was captured by a news helicopter. It is clearly a missile, and the location rules out almost anything but a submarine as the launch platform.

Yet, every potential U.S. military source for this missile denies responsibility. That leaves only two possibilities:

The first possibility is that our military is concealing a launch, which is worrying, especially if they were trying to shoot something down. They normally issue warnings when they are simply doing a test. Unless they accidentally launched something…

The other possibility is that some unknown party launched a missile, from a location just a few miles off our western shore. Which is even more worrying, for obvious reasons. Especially if they did it in order to send a message to our government.

Addendum: Others seem to be following the same line of reasoning.

This is a little on the weird side. I sure would like to know what’s going on.

ADDENDUM: Now they are saying it might have been an airplane contrail. The key words are “might have”. The fact that the best minds in the Pentagon took around 24 hours to come up with that explanation is of some concern. The fact is, they simply don’t know for sure. They are unsure enough that they are taking an inventory of military missiles to make sure they aren’t missing any.

Occam’s Razor would seem to indicate the airplane explanation is probably the correct one.

Sometimes, weird stuff just happens. Maybe it was a plane. Maybe it wasn’t. We’ll probably never know.


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