Random Thoughts About Guns for Self Defense

Evil people have guns. Good people have guns. Laws restricting guns only affect good people. The outcome is predictable. Gun free zones are kill zones.

A gun free zone, declared by signs but otherwise unenforced, is an attractive place for murderers, thieves and rapists, because it is a safer place for them to work. This is why you never hear about massacres taking place at the gun range.

A gun is the best available technology for self defense, because:
(A) A handgun is portable, safe to carry (in a holster) and can be carried and concealed easily.
(B) A handgun can fire multiple times (in case you have multiple assailants, or miss), unlike tasers or pepper spray.
(C) A handgun works just fine in rain or other inclement weather; this is probably not true of tasers or pepper spray.
(D) Guns are the only available technology that allows a single, weak individual to successfully defend themselves against disparate force, such as multiple attackers, even when they have guns. In this respect, the term “equalizer” is the absolute truth.

I legally carry a concealed handgun. You are safer with me in the room with you than you are if I am not. Because if I find it necessary to defend myself, I will be defending you, also. Unless you are the bad guy.

Almost all massacres occur in gun-free zones, like schools and (weirdly enough) military bases. And, almost all massacres continue until the arrival on-scene of another gun.

Many liberals / progressives think guns kill people. If this was true, you would expect there to be a lot of dead people at gun ranges, gun shows, and gun stores.

Many liberals / progressives think if guns are universal there will be blood in the streets, “like the old West”. They watch too much TV. The old West was not like that. Instead, as Heinlein said, “An armed society is a polite society.” And they probably smelled better, too.

Lethal force is always the last option. Period. It is justified only if someone is in imminent danger of being seriously hurt or killed, or in a home invasion.

Never shoot to kill. Shoot to stop the threat. When the threat has stopped, so should you.

If you are armed, you lose the right to lose your temper. Never shoot in anger.

An unloaded gun with a lock on it is a paperweight.

Don’t believe what you see in the movies. Those people are, generally speaking, clueless.

“More Guns – Less Crime” – the title of John Lott’s book – is also a true statement.

The police are just minutes away. Long, long minutes. Think about it.

It is already against the law to shoot somebody other than in self defense or defense of others. It is illegal to be negligent, as well. That pretty much covers it. We don’t need any more gun laws.


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