Our son, J, works and lives in New York City. He’s been visiting us during the Christmas holidays.

He was scheduled to fly home last Monday, but a blizzard happened in New York, shutting down the airports up there. His flight was not cancelled at that time, because they thought they’d have the airports open again in time to receive his flight.

So, Monday, I took him to the Shreveport airport, where he spent an hour or so getting through security and waiting for his flight to Dallas, where he would board his second flight to New York. Just about the time he sat down on the flight to Dallas, the second leg of his journey was cancelled because the airports weren’t going to be open after all. I called and told him so, as he sat on the plane in Shreveport.

So he flew to Dallas. When he got there, the attendant got him on a flight back to Greg County airport which is closer to our home than Shreveport. So I picked him up and brought him home.

So, J spent all day Monday traveling to get back to where he started. Bless his heart. At least he’s not stuck in an airport somewhere, as thousands are. But we get to spend a few more days visiting with him, so that is good. We only see him face to face once or twice a year, so we are glad he is here.

If things go according to the revised plan, he will be in the air on the way back, when the New Years ball drops in New York. We’ll be sad to see him go, but glad for the time we spent together.

There are hidden blessings even in adversity. Sometimes we need to be reminded of this. Even so, I feel for those who were less conveniently stuck than our son was.


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