Back to Work!

Tomorrow, it’s back to work for a lot of us. I’ve had the longest vacation I’ve ever taken at one time; two weeks. Really, 16 days, including weekends. I expect things to be pretty intense at work, tomorrow. I already know a lot happened while I was gone.

It’s all been good. All our family spent time together, which doesn’t happen often enough since one of our sons lives a thousand miles away. So when it does happen, we make the most of it. We had family photos taken professionally, and we had Christmas events and several meals together, and we spent quite a few hours just hanging out around here playing with the grandkids and visiting.

Grandkids are a hoot; and even though they are all grown up now, so are the kids.

It don’t get much better than that.

God bless you every one, and Happy New Year!


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