Concealed Handgun License Renewal

Well, it finally came today. I mailed my completed concealed handgun license renewal packet to Austin back on September 14, 2010, and I thought I had allowed plenty of time before my birthday. Finally, today, I got my renewal. It took 115 days after I sent it off, for the government to process it and send it back. My original license expired on my birthday about six weeks ago, and I’ve been going around feeling naked (i.e. unarmed) all this time. Once you get used to carrying, it’s a weird feeling to go unarmed.

In the meanwhile, two that took the same class I did received their renewals a couple of months ago. And a few months before that, Texas Grandma renewed hers and it only took about a month. Go figure.

So, the moral of the story is this: don’t put off applying for your renewal. Austin mails the renewal notice six months before your license expires. I recommend you take the first available class after that and get the thing to Austin, to avoid lapses like mine.


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