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Skydiving and Exploration

I have a fish tank in my office at work. Last night, one of the fish decided to take up skydiving. Sadly, he did not survive the experience. He clearly died of lack of preparation, as he had neither a … Continue reading

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Weather is What You Get

“Climate is what we expect; weather is what we get”. 17°F and snow, a week or so ago. Yesterday and the day before, I rode my Suzuki to work, and didn’t even need a jacket at lunch or going home. … Continue reading

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An Encounter With the Law

An encounter with the law as relayed by my son, in an email a day or so ago: Good Morning Dad, I wanted to pass along an interesting experience I had this morning. I got pulled over for speeding on … Continue reading

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If a juggler is capable of juggling, say, 8 balls; and you toss him one more: how many balls does he drop? Answer: all of them. It’s been that kind of day. -Popgun

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14.7 Degrees

Wow. 14.7 °F outside this morning. And the water isn’t frozen – yet. I bet Al Gore just hates this. -Popgun P.S. 14.5 °F – it’s still dropping!

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