Spring Flowers!


Completed March 20, 2011:
1 1/2 Tons of Stone, moved once by hand.
An estimated 3 Tons of Topsoil (3), moved twice by hand.
11 Bags of paver sand
75 Sq. Feet of Hardware Cloth (2).
Various plants.
3 1/2 Full Days of Backbreaking Labor (mine, and Texas Grandma), much of it spent pushing an idiot stick (1).
about a half a bottle of Aleve (4).

I am amazed that we pulled this off. Neither of us is going to be able to move tomorrow. Further, this is something we did together, that neither of us could have done alone.

I expect it will outlast us.

– Popgun

(1) An idiot stick is a stick with a shovel head on one end and an idiot on the other.
(2) Hardware cloth is typically a galvanized wire “fence” with 1/2” square openings. In this case, used for gopher proofing.
(3) First we dug it out of the hole; then we put it back in the hole (after installing the hardware cloth liner); then we went and bought another cubic yard of topsoil to finish it off.
(4) Aleve for me, Bayer Back and Body for Texas Grandma. This project would not have been possible without pain killers. I did most of the shoveling; Texas Grandma did most of the rock moving.

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4 Responses to Spring Flowers!

  1. Texas Grandma says:

    It better outlast both of us cause we are not doing it again!

  2. J says:

    Looks great!!! Proud of you both and really glad y’all can still pull off crazy projects like this.

    And sure you gopher proofed it, but did you Rascal proof it?

    • popgun says:

      I haven’t figured out how to Rascal proof a ball bearing, much less a flower bed. But if there are no gophers, he probably won’t bother it. He has excavated an area in the back about 30 feet across following the gopher trails.


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