There is some fellow named Harold Camping who has been telling anyone who would listen that today is supposed to be the day of the Rapture. We already know he is wrong about the date of this event, unless he gets incredibly lucky, because Matthew 24:36 says that none know when the Rapture will be – not even Jesus. Whatever methodology Camping used to arrive at this date is therefore wrong.

A lot of people who dislike Christianity, for whatever reason, are using this well-advertised prediction to poke fun at Christians, and discount the actual effectiveness and truth of Christianity. That does seem to be a common fad, these days. My advice to those people is to be careful. Just because Camping was wrong – as anyone who has studied the Bible could tell you – does not mean the Rapture will not happen, nor does it invalidate the Bible and Christianity as a whole.

Most of those who scoff at Christianity never stop to think that this country would simply not have happened without Christianity. The freedoms, wealth, legal code and moral sense we mostly operate by are the direct result of the Christian beliefs of most of our founders, a few generations ago. Had this not happened, for instance, it is very likely that most of you women out there would be wearing burkas today, and not be allowed to become educated, vote or drive, among many other things. So, even if you aren’t Christian, I hope you at least have the gumption to acknowledge the good things in your life that are a direct result of it.

If you aren’t a Christian, you should look into it. Examine it deeply enough to understand it sufficiently to make an informed decision. You never know, you might like it. Mindlessly bashing Christianity may not be wise. Making major life decisions, such as being a Christian – or not – should be done from a perspective of understanding, and not merely because the herd you are a member of categorically rejects it. Whatever choice you make in this matter – even simply ignoring it completely – is guaranteed to have major consequences in your life.

The road not taken is every bit as significant as the one that is. I hope you find your way.


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