Zombie Weapons

I’ve noticed an increase in preparations for a potential zombie apocalypse. (Or maybe economic collapse?). It’s showed up in the number of books on the subject in the sci-fi section, such as the excellent series by Larry Correia, who knows his zombies and his guns. It’s also shown up in other places. For instance:

Ka-Bar is coming out with a line of knives designed to fight zombies.


And, Amazon even has a Zombie Survival Gear listing.

Kel-Tec is coming out with a shotgun that is perfect for zombie defense – a bull-pup 12 Gauge only 26” long that can hold 14 rounds:


I want one! MSRP around $800. Mount a laser and load it up!

You never know when the zombies will attack! (Or when Obama will finish destroying our economy…)


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