Gun Free Zone

The massacre on the island in Norway was an extreme example of what you can expect when you count on the police to protect you from evil people. I hasten to say, this is not the police’s fault – but they can’t be everywhere.

Norway does not allow concealed carry of firearms. Therefore, the island Utoya is the equivalent of a sign-designated gun-free zone in the U.S., just like every college campus in Texas, for instance.

The murderer, one Anders Behring Breivik, had about 90 minutes to walk around murdering people. It took that long for the cops to arrive. The (not final) count is 82 dead. According to the article, in Norway the legal penalty for this is 21 years in prison, not much of a deterrence.

Because of the laws in Norway, none of those people had the wherewithal to shoot back. If there had been someone already on the island with a gun, the body count could have been much lower.

As is usually the case, a mass murderer was stopped by the arrival of the next person with a gun.

The police worldwide will try to protect you, God bless them, but they are not usually right where you need them when things go pear shaped. It can take a while for them to arrive. In the meanwhile, evil happens. As they say, “when seconds count, the police are just minutes away”. In this case, about 90 of them. At least 82 people were murdered, in this case, and that is not the final count.

Where I live, police response time is probably 15 – 20 minutes after they get the call, at best. A lot of violent things can happen in 15 minutes. By the time the police arrive, it will be all over – whatever is going on. Shucks, where I live, they probably won’t even get the call until after it’s all over.

Gun free zones don’t work – gun free zones are safe zones for evil people to do their work. The cops cannot protect you in real time. Taking responsibility for your own self defense is the only tactic that even gives you a chance, if evil comes your way.

God bless Texas, where licensed concealed carry of guns is both possible and practical.


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