Vacation, 2011

Well, it’s back to work tomorrow, doggone it. This has possibly been my favorite of all my vacations.

Our family went to Hot Springs, Arkansas, to a cabin on Lake Hamilton, for several days this week. By my family, I mean myself and Texas Grandma, both our sons, our daughter-in-law, and our granddaughter and grandson. One of our sons lives in Astoria, New York, and flew down for the week; the other one lives near here, with his wife and kids.

This was the first time I recall that all of us have spent more than a few hours together at a time, since our sons left home when they grew up. So this was a special time for all of us, and means a lot to us. I believe we all came away from this experience closer than ever before as a family; and that is more valuable than gold.

Here’s the cabin where we stayed:

It was pretty nice, although there were some issues; one bathroom for seven people, and a kitchen that is literally two tiles wide in its walking area, two name a couple. Also, parking is by the road above the cottage, and all luggage had to be hauled down some very uneven concrete steps, which was a killer in the 100°F+ heat. There’s not much they can do about that, I suppose. It is Smith’s Lighthouse Cottage Getaway, if you are interested, and all in all, we were happy with the accommodations.

We had hot and cold running geese and ducks, both in the yard and in the water:

Also, bream and turtles in the water. Duck poop in the yard was an issue – you had to watch where you stepped.

The water was OK for swimming, although I’m told the bottom was yucky around the dock, and rocky elsewhere. There is a paddleboat furnished which we did use, and we had some interesting times. It turns out the water is pretty shallow when you get around 20 feet out from the dock:

Yep, that’s a two-year old (accompanied by adult, and wearing life preserver) in ankle deep water, hundreds of feet from the shore. We had a lot of fun talking about walking on water.

One of my sons demonstrated his “planking” skills:

And, here are the kids and grandkids in about the same spot:

We also gave the paddle boat a work-out:

While we were there, we also went to the Mid-America Museum, where the kids got to play with the exhibits, and we got to watch the kids have fun. Sorry, no pictures of that; I don’t post recognizable pictures of people without express permission.

We also went to the T-Rex Miniature Golf where we played a round of golf under black-light, while being threatened by animatronic dinosaurs:

We went up on the Hot Springs Mountain Tower, one of my favorites, which has quite a view:

My grandson and I played horseshoes, which was educational for both of us; and he (at two years old) can cast a fishing rod pretty well. My granddaughter is pretty good with a super-soaker and can swim pretty well (with water-wings and adult supervision at all times, of course). All of us had fun, I think.

We had a great time!


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