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Well, I’ve developed floaters in my left eye. Anybody can get floaters, but a few years ago, I had lens replacements for cataracts. People who have had this surgery are somewhat more prone to get floaters, later on. It was … Continue reading

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Rain Chasers!

Yesterday afternoon, Texas Grandma and I saw on the radar that there were some storms in the area. It’s been so long since we’ve seen any rain, that we loaded up and went looking for some. We drove down to … Continue reading

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Books I Have Read

By way of Bayou Renaissance Man, who got it from Mostly Cajun, here is NPR’s list of the best 100 science fiction and fantasy books of all time. I don’t know that I agree with all of NPR’s choices, but … Continue reading

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Satellite Internet Services

Here’s an interesting factoid. Our company currently has bandwidth problems and so I called HughesNet to see if they could do better than their competition (Wild Blue). So, talking to HughesNet salesman, we discussed one of their faster business plans, … Continue reading

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Texting About Lizards

This is a text exchange between myself and Texas Grandma that happened today. Hers are in italics, mine are not: Caught a lizard at Moms, will need you to get it out at lunch. Ok. I’ll bring my gun Oh … Continue reading

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It’s Hot In Texas

August 1, 2011. Seven day forecast for Longview, Texas: Probably a record. At least I probably won’t have to mow the grass this week. Found on the internet: The New Texas Rain Gauge: Y’all stay cool! -Popgun

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