It’s Hot In Texas

August 1, 2011. Seven day forecast for Longview, Texas:

Probably a record. At least I probably won’t have to mow the grass this week.

Found on the internet:

The New Texas Rain Gauge:

Y’all stay cool!


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5 Responses to It’s Hot In Texas

  1. popgun says:

    Huh. It seems they’ve raised the high for today to 107 °F since this morning. Looks like we’re going to make it, too.


  2. Spider Johnson says:

    I’m pleased to learn how viral my photo has become. To see how I amended it, go to

  3. popgun says:

    Hi, Spider;
    I’m glad you commented! I did not know where the photo originated. No hard feelings for using it, I hope – if so, let me know and I’ll take it down.

    I could not get your link to work, unfortunately.


  4. popgun says:

    Tuesday – they’ve revised the high for today and tomorrow – upward. 107 °F.


  5. popgun says:

    And again. It is 109 °F right now, at 3:30 PM.

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