Texting About Lizards

This is a text exchange between myself and Texas Grandma that happened today. Hers are in italics, mine are not:

Caught a lizard at Moms, will need you to get it out at lunch.

Ok. I’ll bring my gun

Oh in that case I can take care of it

Go ahead

You going to fix the holes. This is a modern lizard not prehistoric

I have a caulking gun. Think you can hit it with a pistol?

Sure, but might go deaf it is in the bathroom

The ear muffs are in my range bag


This is going on my blog

Let me shoot it first

Yeah, then I can get pictures!


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2 Responses to Texting About Lizards

  1. Texas Grandma says:

    Next time I will just shoot then ask questions later.

  2. J says:

    Well, my day has just been made lol.

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