Rain Chasers!

Yesterday afternoon, Texas Grandma and I saw on the radar that there were some storms in the area. It’s been so long since we’ve seen any rain, that we loaded up and went looking for some. We drove down to Lake O’ the Pines, and had a look at the water levels.

We saw wet road just a few hundred yards down the road from our home. And, we did get sprinkled on once, for a few hundred feet – not enough to turn on the wipers. Down at the Lake, the water level is very low. Here’s a couple of pictures:


If you look very closely, you can see picnic tables in the picture above. At flood stage, I’ve seen those same tables submerged.


I’d say the water is probably 6’ to 8’ below normal.

We did actually see some rain, off in the distance; we sure wish it would come to our house:

This is a serious drought situation we have in East Texas. On the way to the Lake, we saw several examples of trees – some of them big trees, that had just broken off their trunks and fell in the road. Some of them were nudged by wind, probably – there was evidence of recent strong winds. But most of them seem to have failed due to lack of water. They weren’t pushed over as usually happens; they were broken off. Several were probably 14 – 18” in diameter. That’s drought damage. The local creeks are dry, too.

It’s a serious situation. We are hoping we don’t lose our trees. The only sunny (ha!) side to this is that the grass has quit growing about two months ahead of schedule. And still – no rain at the homeplace.

And finally, a bit of humor. We found several of these signs around the dam at the lake:


Now, I can see several interpretations for this, and I have to admit that “no parking” wasn’t the one I thought of first! (It’s a shame that 1/26th of the alphabet is not allowed at the lake.)


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1 Response to Rain Chasers!

  1. Brigid says:

    I’ve watched storms roll across the state, split West of us, with the rain showers going both north and south. It’s rained once in my little burb in the last two months. The lawn probably won’t recover. But at least we have plenty of water for drinking, some places in Texas, I hear are running short on that.

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