Not So Hot As It Was, Anyway

Today is predicted to be the first day in a very long time that the highs do not exceed 100 °F here.

According to the National Weather Service, the AVERAGE temperature for August was 89.5 °F in Shreveport, and for June, July and August together, it was 87.3 °F. For Longview in August, it was 91.6 °F. That’s the 24 hour average.

How many days in a row did the temperature exceed 100 °F ? In Longview, Texas, 46 days.

The drought is predicted to continue “for the foreseeable future”.

When you look at the forests around here, you see dead trees in amongst the living ones; it’s hard to estimate the percentage, but it is pretty noticeable. The trees are beginning to die, or maybe go dormant. There are lots of incidents of falling limbs, as well, some of them pretty large.

We have 12 feet of water in our well.

At least it’s not as hot as it was.

It’s almost stereotypical to think of praying for rain; but now, we really are – seriously – praying for rain.


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