Ice and Fire

Well, not ice, exactly – but it’s 52 °F outside! Wow. It’s been a long, long time since we’ve seen temperatures this low.

Meanwhile, Texas is still on fire. Yesterday evening, from our home near Longview, you could see smoke rising to the east, to the west, and there was a big one to the north-east. At our son’s home, (who was next door to an evacuation on Sunday), ash was falling out of the sky. If you looked for it, you could catch the ash in your hand. My truck accumulated a small amount at the bottom of the windows. The sky was eerie; it looked almost like a fair sized storm cloud, except it had a sick grayish tint. At first we got excited thinking we might be getting some rain, but then it turned out to be smoke and flying ash. It was literally an ash cloud.

I suspect that the big fire to the north-east probably destroyed the deer lease my son is a member of. We’ll find out about that later today. I hope it didn’t get his stand, or my neighbor’s; they represent a fair expense and no small effort.

But today, the winds are much less. It’s still dry – no relief in site – but the decrease in winds should help the fire-fighting efforts.

Many, many lives are being affected, changed, or destroyed in these fires. Me and mine are OK so far, but who knows? Those of you who pray, please pray for those affected, and pray for the success and safety of the fire-fighters.

Addendum 9/7/2011 AM: The deer lease got crispy around the edges, perhaps a dozen acres were burned right up to the firebreak plowed by the firefighters, bless them. The fire got within about 100 yards of my son’s deer stand. The good news is, the biggest majority of the land were saved. The bad news is, we saw several homes which had been destroyed by fire, on the way to the lease.


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