It’s been ten years, since nineteen Muslim terrorists decided to murder as many Americans as they could manage.

All true Americans regret the deaths of so many of us, and sympathize with their families. And our country reacted appropriately, in a way reminiscent of what happens when an idiot throws a brick at a hornet’s nest.

I don’t know exactly what they expected, but I bet it wasn’t what they got.

What comes to my mind as best matching my feelings about 9/11, is the feeling evoked in me by the old battle cry “Remember the Alamo!”, shouted by the Texians at the Battle of San Jacinto. The Texians were led by Sam Houston against the Mexicans. [5]

What it boils down to is this: those terrorists [1] killed our people, and we demand revenge.

Regardless of what some people [2] will tell you, this reaction is entirely appropriate and justified. The principles of self defense, so fundamental to the species, is that first, you can and should defend yourself against any attack; and second, it is appropriate to make sure it doesn’t happen again – if you can.

So, a couple of things to note about the murders which were carried out on 9/11/2001:

First, the attack was shamefully carried out against unsuspecting civilians with no warning.

Second, the attack was carried out by a group who were devout, if extreme, Muslims. [3, 4] Whatever you make of it, this is a fact.

Third, all of them were members of Al Qaeda, an Islamist (Muslim) militant group.

Fourth, the known victims number 2,958. The murdering, dishonorable, Islamist Muslim Al Qaeda terrorists also died.

So. The events of 9/11 were not a natural event, like an earthquake or some kind of storm. 9/11 did not “happen”. The murders of 9/11 were inflicted upon us by people who had decided to cold-bloodedly kill us. Do not varnish over this truth, and don’t forget it.

“Remember 9/11 !”

– Popgun

[1] Actual terrorists, as opposed to the way liberals use it to describe anybody that isn’t liberal.

[2] People like President Obama, and his Department of Homeland Security, and his Department of Justice, all of whom are extremely left-wing liberals and all of whom will choke before they utter the word “terrorist” – unless they are talking about a conservative political opponent.

[3] It should be noted that this administration (and other far left liberals) refuses to associate Muslims with terrorism, even though every terror attack since Timothy McVeigh has been perpetrated exclusively by Muslims. I find this extremely odd, that they won’t even say the words.

[4] Now, there are those who are going to call me names because I mentioned the Muslim connection. So here’s a disclaimer: I freely admit and agree that not all Muslims are terrorists; and the extremists who carried out these attacks are part of a small percentage of Muslims. Stipulated. I am still greatly concerned that the great majority of Muslims have done very little to disavow these terrorist acts and disassociate themselves from them. It is true that some have, but it seems to me that that response has been muted at best. Until I see some sort of general Muslim movement to distance themselves from it, I am not going to be trusting of Muslims, except in the case of individual Muslims I get to know personally, if that should happen. Sorry, that’s the way it is.

Finally, the above is not bigotry or racism, or whatever. It is a reasoned response to a dangerous situation. For example, around here, we have snakes. Some of them are harmless, and some of them can kill you. A wise person is cautious of all snakes until he is sure which kind he’s dealing with. It is as simple as that.

[5] For those who were the victims of liberal school teachers, the Alamo is where an overwhelming force of Mexicans massacred all but two of a group of Texian defenders at the mission known as the Alamo, in San Antonio, Texas. I suspect this has been watered down in current history classes, what with the current illegal Mexican immigrant problem and political correctness insanity.

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