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I’m currently reading “Survivors” by James Wesley Rawles, a novel about the time immediately after a major economic collapse. I happened to be reading it yesterday afternoon while the news was on; and this book will scare the fool out of you. It sounds like today’s headlines – just slightly advanced. It’s a good novel, it keeps you interested – and it just might give you some ideas, come the day.

I had already read Rawles’ novel “Patriots” set in the same scenario, but told from the viewpoint of a bunch of survivalists. It was also a good novel, with lots of good survival hints and tips embedded.

Between the two, I think “Survivors” is the more relevant to me personally; I mean, “Patriots” is about a group of survivalists who spent many thousands of dollars and were well prepared when the Schumer hit the fan, as the man says. “Survivors”, however, is about more ordinary people who were perhaps not caught totally by surprise, but still found ways to survive. This seems to match my profile better.

I recommend you read either, or both – and watch the news.


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