Invasion of the Snowmen!

Texas Grandma was doing some of the Christmas decorating a couple of weeks ago. She’s heavy into snowmen, this time of year. I was sitting in my favorite recliner in the living room, reading a book.

Anyhow, Texas Grandma is standing in the living room looking around intensely. I noticed, and asked “What are you looking for?”

She said “I don’t have enough snowmen in here. Something is missing.”

I look to my left at the little table in the corner that the light is on. It has about 40 snowmen on it. On the other side of the room, there are snowmen along the floor, and even on top of a hutch.


There is a glass display cabinet in the corner with probably another couple of hundred Snow Buddies. There are snowmen on the small table to the right of the front door…


I lost it. I just cracked up. …. and after a minute, she joined in.

I love Texas Grandma!


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1 Response to Invasion of the Snowmen!

  1. Texas Grandma says:

    Guess what I want for Christmas???

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