A Nice Weekend

Texas Grandma and I had a really nice weekend. The weather was beautiful.

Saturday morning we set up a bunch of tomato plants in big pots, and Saturday evening our oldest son and his family came over for supper and a visit. We had a great time. I love the harmony that our family has, that seems to be lacking in many other families. It does my heart good to see love in action.

Sunday Texas Grandma and I went to church with some friends at a small, traditional local church. It seems like there were lots of nice people there, and one lady in particular knew most of my kinfolk on my father’s side.

The opening prayer featured the word “Father” at least 27 times by my count. The gentleman apparently didn’t want there to be any doubt about Who he was talking to.

The singing was nice, right out of the Baptist hymnal, but I do have to say that a full 60% of the songs were about death. Seemed a bit depressing to me, even though the songs were also about resurrection. But the people were friendly and it was a good experience overall.


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