Things That Annoy Me

Things that annoy me, in no particular order:

> The phone system is smart enough to know you need to put a 1 in front of that number, but it is too stupid to do it for you.

> Bicycle riders on country roads, who will not move over to let you pass. They get aggravated at me because I don’t want to drive at 8 mph and take an hour to get home. I get aggravated at them for the same reason. They should get a hobby that does not annoy the uninvolved.

> People that think turn signals are optional. Also, people that think they don’t have to turn them on until they start the turn.

> Customers that think I am on the clock 24 / 7 and have my cell phone number. (I am salaried, which means I don’t get a dime for overtime).

> Bahia grass that grows 14″ – overnight.

> Slow internet.

> People that drive slowly because they think that makes it safe to talk on their cell phones. In a six-mile-long no-passing zone. On second thought, just make that “people who talk on their cell phone while driving – period”. They cause accidents.

> The Federal Government.

> Casual liars, like one pastor I know.

> Windows based computers. Once you use OS X for a while, you will understand. OS X is smooth. Windows feels like a kludge.

> Mosquitos. Mosquitos will fly 20 miles to get me. I get invited to outdoor events to keep the mosquitos off the other guests. I am a true mosquito magnet.

> The fact that you cannot call and find out how much a medical procedure will cost ahead of time. Try it for a colonoscopy sometime. If I get my car worked on, the mechanic gives me an estimate. If I go to the dentist, he tells me the cost of the procedure. For general medical service, it is never clear going in what your costs will be.

> Property taxes: The lying politicians swear they won’t raise your rates; so instead, they raise your property valuation, so you pay more every year anyway.

That will do for now. I may be adding to this list, regularly.


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