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Our air conditioning flaked out night before last. Whine. It got up to about 97°F last night. Texas Grandma and I slept under numerous fans, in 90° ambient temperatures most of the night. The repairman comes Monday morning at 8:30, … Continue reading

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Proud to be a Texan

A Texan man caught another man in the very act of trying to rape his five-year-old daughter. And in the process of stopping this awful, vile act, the would-be child molester died at the hands of the father. Kind of … Continue reading

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Cars Are More Dangerous Than Guns

I really don’t understand the horror some people have for guns. Really, they should be afraid of driving. I have contended for a long time that cars and trucks and other moving vehicles are far more deadly than guns which … Continue reading

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Yesterday, my boss walked in my office and asked me what supercalifragilisticexpialidocious means. I love my job! -Popgun

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