Our air conditioning flaked out night before last. Whine.

It got up to about 97°F last night. Texas Grandma and I slept under numerous fans, in 90° ambient temperatures most of the night. The repairman comes Monday morning at 8:30, so there will be at least one more night like this.

This episode makes me think back to when I was a kid. I believe I was in my early teens when our family first got air conditioning – a window unit in the living room. Thinking back, that would have been around 1964 or thereabouts. That was the first time my family had ever lived in air conditioning, and even then, none of us had it in the bedrooms. We did have an attic fan, though, which was nice. I remember my Grandfather Pop had an evaporative cooler which helped cool one room. This worked by blowing a fan across a wetted mat surface and into the room.

I guess if you are used to it, it’s no big deal, but it’s pretty unpleasant right now. I do marvel at how adaptable people are, though. There was no temperature control of any sort for most of the history of human-kind; only in the last hundred years has air conditioning been available at all; and it has probably been commonly available only the last 60 years or so. And now it is so pervasive that we only notice its absence.

Right now, I think A/C is one of the nicer boons of modern technology. When it works.


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