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Some of My Favorite Heinlein Quotes

Some (not all) of my favorite Lazarus Long quotes, in no particular order. Lazarus Long is a character created by Robert A. Heinlein. You can see more of them here. – Popgun ——— You live and learn. Or you don’t … Continue reading

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Life in the Aquarium

There is a fish tank in my office, with a couple of inhabitants. There are some big rocks on the floor of the tank, resting on the gravel among the plants, and the fish have excavated a cave under the … Continue reading

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Hot Summer

The forecast for the next five days is 101, 101, 101, 100, 100. If that is binary code, in base 10 it would equal 23,396. -Popgun

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Current cosmology features a ‘standard model’ of the universe, starting at the singularity known as the Big Bang and describing the evolution of the universe from that point to present. Observation has produced some problems with the standard model, however. … Continue reading

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Radioactive Snow

When I was a young boy, snow was a big thing. I remember in one good snow fall, we had the neighbors over, and we made snow ice cream. Judging by this article, I’m guessing this was 1957; I was … Continue reading

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New Fundamental Scientific Law

We’ll call this one Popgun’s Law. The amount of fun in a lifetime is fixed. You only get a certain amount, and when it’s gone, you die. Restated, The rate of consumption of fun is inversely proportional to projected lifespan. … Continue reading

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“Is the color orange that you see the same as the color orange I see?” This is a deeper question than you might think. I mean, here we are, both looking at the same orange object. My brain interprets what … Continue reading

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Awesome – Literally –

An amazing photo – Saturn, seen from the far side, with the sun in eclipse, backlighting Saturn and the rings. You can see the Earth at about 10 o’clock behind the rings (though you may need to go to the … Continue reading

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Motorcycle Physics

Most people, even those who ride motorcycles, don’t realize this bit of physics. Have you ever wondered why it is easy to balance a motorcycle while going down the road, but hard to balance one while sitting still (with your … Continue reading

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The terminal velocity of somebody falling out of a plane at 30,000 feet is around 120 mph depending on how they orient themselves. Wind drag is the reason; in a vacuum, the subject would just keep getting faster until impact. … Continue reading

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