Lasergrips on my XD-45

Saturday, I had the chance to go waste some ammo at the deer lease, so I took the opportunity to sight in my Lasergrips on my XD-45 ACP. From the factory, they were shooting just a bit high; adjusted one screw about 1/4 turn, and it’s pretty close to dead on. I may refine it a bit next time I go to the lease.
Lasergrips (and lasers in general) aren’t magic and they don’t replace the iron sights; but they are a valuable addition to the effectiveness of your weapon, especially in any light other than bright sunlight. They allow you to acquire a target without the need to line up the iron sights with your eye; under some conditions, target acquisition is very fast; they allow you to hold the gun on target while having the ability to be aware of what else is going on around you. They are excellent for learning trigger control in practice, as you can see the movement of your aim point as you squeeze the trigger. All in all, well worth the money.

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