Fax Machines

I was wondering a while ago why we still use fax machines. After all, email is so much more efficient. In my case, certain vendors simply don’t use email, so we have to use fax.

This caused me to think back to the first time I ever saw a fax machine. I was at my second job as a draftsman, back around 1977 give or take; that puts me at about 24 years old. I was walking down the hall and saw my boss sitting in the conference room, and he was taping a piece of paper to a drum. He finished, and then dialed a number, inserted the handset into an acoustical modem, and turned on the machine, which started rotating with the paper affixed to it’s outside. Then this head started traveling under the drum along the length of it, ‘reading’ the paper.

That was the first time I’d ever seen a fax machine. My boss had to explain what he was doing.

I was unable to find a picture on the internet of a similar machine.

Wow. I’m old.


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