Went to See Zombieland Last Night

Last night was Pokeno night for the ladies, so the guys (three members of the Silver Horde) bunched up and went to see Zombieland.
It’s definitely rated R for gore, violence and cussing.
It was extremely funny, though. We all enjoyed it, on balance. It reminded me of Monster Hunter International, a novel by Larry Correia that I read recently. Lots of shooting, humor, and great fun. Even a bit of romance. I did notice a certain lack of concern for the Four Rules in the movie.
This movie was strangely good, in the sense that you can’t really put your finger on any one thing, but you find at the end that you had a really good time watching it. I may even watch it again, but not with Texas Grandma in the room.
Recommended, for non-squeamish adults only. Snort.
Also recommended: Music. Popcorn, by Crazy Frog. We listened to it all the way to the movie.
Older people have fun, too!

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