Wow. I’ve been taking an alternate route to work the last week or so because the main highway is mostly blocked off for resurfacing. As I drove down one of those black-top roads this morning, I happened to look to my left – and there stood a whole herd of buffalo! I had no idea we had any in this area.

Of course, as you would expect these days, they were under fence, which is good. I’d hate to have to explain to the insurance company how I managed to total my truck by hitting a buffalo.

On the other hand, around here, armadillos are the bane of Corvettes and other low-ground-clearance vehicles. Armadillos have a tendency to jump straight up if you startle them. I’ve seen one jump four feet in the air. Back in my pulp-wood days, you could straddle an armadillo with the pulp-wood truck, trying not to hit it, and the blamed thing would jump up and get taken out by the differential at the rear of the truck.

I’ll try to get a picture of the buffalo to post for tomorrow, if they’re still there.

So, what animals did you see on the way to work?


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