I have an idea, that I feel sure somebody in our military is already working on, so I’m probably not original.

It costs a lot to train a sniper, and it takes a high skill level to do the job. I foresee that in the near future, snipers will be obsolete; replaced by soldiers who carry a back-pack UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), controlled by a remote control with a video camera. The UAV could carry a small rifle or a couple of grenades. Or the UAV could itself be a grenade, if it is disposable. Anybody that can handle a Nintendo could fly one of these, and they could be anywhere within radio range of the target.

The soldier launches the UAV, flies it to the proximity of the target as required by the weapon of choice, lines up the crosshairs on his display and pushes a button. Snap a picture to record effectiveness. Fly away, back to the soldier in a round-about way to make it hard to follow.

Almost anybody could do it; no spotter required; safer for the operator; not all that expensive to do.

I can’t wait to see the deer-hunter civilian model. Deer stand no longer required; just sit in the cabin and fly over the woods until you find a deer.


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