Economic Worries

I usually try to keep this blog light-hearted. Not this time.

I’m going to refer you to another blogger, Bayou Renaissance Man; specifically, his article, “Waiting for the collapse”.

I strongly suggest that you go read that article. I have been following Peter (the author) for years now, and I highly respect his level of knowledge, and the research he does. He documents it well, too.

The short of it is – the world economy, not just the US economy, is going to hit a wall – soon. Peter believes it is inevitable, and I do, too. The only question is when.

Really – go read the article. It may not change anything, but at least you’ll know what’s going on.

ADDENDUM May 19, 2012: Things are moving quickly. Bayou R. M. addendum 1, and addendum 2 detail things that have been happening in the Eurozone – like bank runs to the tune of one billion Euros in a few days, as people there realize they cannot trust their banks with their money.

I really hope the ripple effect doesn’t get to the U.S., but I think it will.


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