Well, I’ve developed floaters in my left eye. Anybody can get floaters, but a few years ago, I had lens replacements for cataracts. People who have had this surgery are somewhat more prone to get floaters, later on.

It was actually pretty amazing to watch, when it first happened. In my particular case, I saw what looked like a drop of India ink in clear water; it was a wisp, a tendril, which was incredibly sharp and a very vivid black, in my left eye only. And it was pretty large, at that time. If I had been holding it in my hand at arms length, it would have appeared to be perhaps a foot long.

The next day, the main wisp was smaller, but there were now about a gazillion tiny black spots, just as sharp and black as the wisp was. There were just a few larger spots, too. My right eye field of vision was perfectly clear, so I could blink my left eye and see spots – no spots. Funny thing, how this kind of thing happens and you start playing with your eyeballs.

On the third day, all the tiny black dots were still visible but fading fast; I could see them if I looked for them, but I had no problem seeing past them. I still had one wisp, though. Not very big, off center to the left and down a bit. Much smaller and faded from the original.

Of course, I went to the ophthalmologist as quickly as I could get in. He checked me out for problems that floaters can indicate, told me I had none of them, and that’s it. Part of the check for damage involves sticking a Q-Tip behind your eyeball, and that was pretty weird, but other than that the examination was pretty conventional. Unfortunately, they really can’t do anything much about floaters.

By the way, the doctor’s name is Joel Muirhead, with Heaton Eye Associates in Longview, Texas; and I can heartily recommend him. He’s been an excellent doctor throughout, including the initial lens replacement surgery, and I am very pleased with him.

Now, I still have one remaining wisp of a floater. It’s faded some, or maybe I’ve learned to ignore it mostly. For a while there, I kept thinking I was seeing a mosquito flying around my head off to the left, and actually tried to swat it, once or twice. Then, at least once, a real insect flew past my face, and I thought it was the floater, so I didn’t swat at it. You can’t win.

But it’s not too bad. I mostly ignore it, or don’t even think about it. My vision itself is perfectly fine, with the exception of the floater, and it is easy to ignore.

So it’s all good – so far.


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